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Our health centre provides urgent services including vaccination programmes, health education and food distribution for malnourished families.

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The Haiti Hospital Appeal provides quality health care and community support to some of the world's poorest people.

We currently run a hospital, a health centre, a children's home and a 4x4 emergency ambulance service.
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Blog: Partnerships and Mobile Clinics

This past week, our DFID supported mobile clinic staff held a clinic on Labadee. Now, if you google Labadee, you will see beautiful pictures taken mostly of the cruise line property. Ships come in mulitple times a week and it is assumed that people in Labadee Village have more assistance and jobs than other Villages in Haiti. And partly that is true. The cruise line bring jobs to local people. But not everyone. And, for the most part, nothing happens in Labadee that doesn’t happen other places all over Haiti. The struggles in health, economy, and sanitization are still present on this small Village by the sea.  Read more »

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