Partnerships have been vital to the success of our vision and have enabled a huge amount of our work to be achieved. We welcome individuals and groups who share our passion and wish to partner with us in some way.

Corporate Partnership

Can your company partner with us? A charity partnership with the Haiti Hospital Appeal can make a lasting difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable and neglected people.

Many companies are becoming more aware of the need to make a stand within their corporate social responsibility programmes. Companies can get involved in all kinds of ways, including through match funding, partnering a specific area of our work, general sponsorship or payroll giving.

As a small charity we have the advantage of being able to offer a unique and personal approach to our corporate partnerships. We aim to help empower your staff through presentations and create partnerships that reflect your heart and ethos. We give you the opportunity to help guide and establish where your funds should be spent. We’re keen to develop partnerships that benefit you as much as us. It’s an exciting opportunity that can allow your business or company to have a significant affect on some of the world’s most desperate people.

For further information please contact:

Churches, Schools, Clubs etc.

Some groups often decide to support our work for a set period of time. For instance, making us a charity of the year, or a permanent charitable partner.

Getting more involved offers groups the opportunity to witness the change they’ve made possible. It also allows them to develop an incredibly powerful and meaningful relationship with the appeal and those we help. It provides the opportunity for groups to travel on a journey with us, and see quite what an impact they’ve made.

Some of our main support in the last few years has been generated through different schools, churches and the like committing to support us regularly. For some this has meant offering a monthly set donation, for others raising money over a year for a specific project. Both have proved vital in our growth, and it’s been inspiring to witness the difference different groups have made.

As a small charity we allow groups to have a hands on approach to how they wish to support us, and develop a close and personal link. We aim as much as possible to visit schools to run assemblies, and to speak at churches, universities and youth clubs.

We like you to feel part of the team, and create a relationship that is not only incredible for those we help, but also for those donors who choose to work with us.

If you’d like to find out more about the exciting ways we can work together please contact us today.

Charities and Trusts

The Haiti Hospital Appeal welcomes the opportunity to partner with other NGOs, organisations, trusts and charities.

Over the last few years we’ve benefited from having the opportunity to work with a range of different charitable groups which has proved highly successful. Together we have been able to provide some unique and life saving services in Haiti, having a huge impact on thousands of people.

We have benefited from working with a range of groups in different ways, including The UN, World Food Programme, MSPP, Jubilee Action, Meds and Food for Kids, The North Haiti Health Network, The Baptist Missionary Society, Tearfund, ACET and many others.

If you feel we could work together with your organisation please don’t hesitate to get in touch.