Happy Birthday Campaign

Use your birthday to make happy birthdays for mothers and babies in Haiti

The day you were born is a significant day for you. Birthdays are significant for us all. That's why we celebrate them but birthdays in Haiti are difficult and very dangerous.

The Haiti Hospital Appeal wants to provide happy birthdays for mothers and babies in the poorest country in the western hemisphere and we are doing all we can to minimize the dangers of childbirth and make a baby's first moments happy ones.

We are committed to improving childbirth in Haiti

In Haiti 75% of mothers give birth in their own homes without any trained healthcare support and 25% of babies are born with a low birth weight, increasing the chances of chronic disease, malnutrition, growth and development problems and death during infancy. In fact the mortality rates of mothers, infants and under-fives is higher in Haiti than any other country in the western hemisphere.

The Haiti Hospital Appeal's work in Maternal, Neo-natal and Child Health reaches communities that have little or no access to healthcare using our mobile clinic. We offer education, provide ante-natal care and give vaccinations. We are also opening a Maternity Unit that will provide specialist care, a safe environment for natural births and c-sections when necessary for mothers with birthing complications.

With your help we can make childbirth far safer for some of the most impoverished people on the planet.


How to take part...

1. Give up your presents. It's simple, get those who normally buy you gifts to donate to the Haiti Hospital Appeal instead.

2. Have a birthday party. Share about the issues of maternal health in Haiti, have fun and raise money all at the same time.

3. Celebrate a friends birthday. Make a gift donation on behalf of someone you love to celebrate his or her birthday.

We can send you a Party Bag

If you want to take part we can give you lots of help. We can send you a party bag! Inside you will receive balloons, badges and leaflets. All the help and information you will need, especially if you plan to throw a party.

If you are taking part by giving up your presents we recommend JustGiving as the best way to encourage your friends to donate. You can make your own page by clicking here.

You can also donate to the Happy Birthday Campaign by text message.

Text BDAY11 £##* to 70070 (*Put the amount you wish to donate)

If you want to make a gift donation for someone you love's birthday we have cards available. Indicate below on the form if you like us to send you some.